35 captions for Throwback Beach photos when you’d rather be by the sea

Some vacation photos have the power to instantly bring back all the amazing memories of your trip. Sharing that nostalgia with your friends is why you post snapshots on Instagram paired with witty captions for retro beach photos. Walking down Memory Lane together, it’s easier to remember what it was like to relax in the sand, listen to the waves gently breaking in the distance, and bask in the sun.

You have so many great stories to share from your day at the beach, like throwing a soccer ball with your friends, sipping fruity drinks, and building sandcastles that were immediately destroyed when the tide rose. To post on Instagram, a cute and smart caption is really all you need. This is where these 35 retro beach quotes come in handy.

Think of them as your favorite pair of sunglasses. Remove them whenever you need them. Whether it’s an old photo of you when you were a kid with your siblings taking a dip in the water or a recent #TBT from last year’s summer vacation that you didn’t never had time to post. The good legend will be Mermaid your post back so much the better.


1. “Who knew that small moments could create such great memories.”

2. “I will never forget the tan line I have had since that day.”

3. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I found sand from that day still at the bottom of my bag.”

4. “Now if only I could remember where I put those sunglasses …”

5. “It was right before a big wave hit me.”

6. “Let’s come back to this moment. ”

seven. “If I could go back in time this would be my first stop.”

8. “Who is ready to recreate this day?” “

9. “I wonder if I miss the ocean as much as I miss it.”

ten. “I know there are so many beautiful places to see, but I would stay here again if I could.”

11. “It was the day I turned into a mermaid.”

12. “I want to be where the mermaids are.”

13. “I just miss that little beach sun.

14. “My heart tells me to go where the sun is.”

15. “Dear beach, I miss you every day. Love, me.”

16. “I haven’t been sailing the day like I should. Guess it’s time for me to get back to the beach.”

17. “I just realized what I’m missing, and it’s a sea of ​​vitamins.”


18. “For the shore, I need another day at the beach.”

19. “Thank goodness I got this picture or no one would believe me this sunset happened.”

20. “Just avoid my responsibilities today by thinking of the past.”

21. “I’ll catch up with you on the next wave.”

22. “I don’t think I ever left this tropical state of mind.”

23. “Hey beach, a long time without a sea.”

24. “You, me and the sea.”

25. “Who has a time machine that I can borrow really quickly?” “

26. “TFW when the mems hit you hard.”

27. “Stay wavy, baby.”

28. “My people, our place.”

29. “This day = perfection.

30. “Look back and feel grateful.”

31. “I’m so glad I have these photos to remind me that today was not a dream.”

32. “I can still smell the sunscreen.”

33. “As you can see, I love long walks on the beach.”

34. “Catch Me Spritzin ‘This Summer, Too.”

35. “Here is more proof that life is better at the beach.”

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