34 fun travel legends for couples who love to travel the world together

A getaway with your SO always seems necessary if you both have an undying love for travel. It’s an intimate time for you to be adventurous, discover new things together and also press the recharge button. Finding the perfect travel companion who is on the same page can be difficult. Lucky for you, you and bae are a perfect match. When the time comes for your next adventure, you’ll need some fun travel captions for couples to associate with any vacation photos you take.

Sure, a weekend getaway with your partner sounds romantic, but it can also have its hilarious moments when some of your best internal jokes are born. One minute you can lounge on the beach sipping fruity coconut drinks, and the next you are laughing because a seagull just pooped on your SO’s head. Hey, it happens.

You have found a partner who enjoys traveling as much as you do, but you also love them for their sense of humor. It’s not just about the places you explore together, but the stories you leave with. With bae every adventure is fun, and while you can’t tell all the stories with your photos, you can use these 34 funny captions to convey that happy feeling.


1. “These are bad ways to make a vacation wait, so we left.”

2. “Trying to be #CoupleGoals by traveling to dream destinations.”

3. “Find yourself a bae that will let you have the window seat.” ”

4. “If traveling was free, we would be gone forever. ”

5. “Reality called, so we hung up.”

6. “Nothing in my bae is an airplane.”

seven. “The only baggage in our relationship is trying to unpack after a vacation.”

8. “There is Norway that I want to go there without you.”

9. “100 selfies later …”

ten. “You have the passport in my heart. ”

11. “You are the only person I would show my passport photo to other than airline employees.”

12. “I would make Rome the whole world with you.”

13. “I love spending time with you.”

14. “Time flies when you travel with bae.”

15. “Traveling with my Seoul mate.”

16. “You hog the bed and steal the blankets, but I still love you.”

17. “No one else I’d rather share my pizza with.”


18. “Icelandic in your arms and I have no plans to leave.”

19. “I am cascading for you.”

20. “I have found a travel partner who takes the best selfies.”

21. “We are in our own time zone.”

22. “Baecation, here we are.”

23. “Our love is in the tents.”

24. “The only thing I love more than traveling is you … and eating.”

25. “Our relationship is now international.”

26. “Who needs a travel pillow when you have a baby? “

27. “You improve every sight.”

28. “You still get the seal of approval from my passport.”

29. “I have found someone who is looking at me like I look at travel brochures.”

30. “Pasta la vista, baby!”

31. “Steal a pizza your heart.” Whoops. ”

32. “You just have to wing it together. “

33. “Thank you for being the GOAT and for taking my plandids.”

34. “I will love you forever if you carry my suitcase.”

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