32 Instagram captions for life before 40 and travel galore

The quarantine has definitely changed your daily routine. Instead of going to work in the morning, you could get comfortable in sweat pants and prepare for meetings Zoom to your kitchen table. Instead of traveling around the world, you get cold afternoon with your puppy and ironing sausage in your garden when happy hour arrives. As much as you love the slower nature of life, you might experience moments where you want to use Instagram legends to life before their forties and you remember all your wonderful adventures.

Typically, this feeling comes when you scroll through your wrap and delve back to the days you spent surfing in California or eating fresh pasta in a charming Italian plaza. You can feel a rush of nostalgia and immediately send your best friends the vacation photos you forgot since you got home. Together, you throw in all your memories and even dream of the days after your quarantine. You already know that in the future, when it’s safe to do so, you’ll be heading to your favorite restaurants for brunch, going on a trip across the country, and even checking out some items on your current bucket list.

For now, however, you’ll be posting the photos you encountered deep in your camera roll and remembering what life was like before your 40s. In these publications, be sure to use one of these living legends before forties with which your subscribers absolutely resonate.

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1. “Remember when we traveled the world? “

2. “Thinking back to those days of pre-quarantine. “

3. “We were adventurous little things.”

4. “See you tonight on Zoom!”

5. “Let’s pledge to collect more passport stamps when it is safe to travel again.”

6. “I still crave this pizza, in case you were wondering.”

seven. “Taken before adding a full collection of masks to my closet.”

8. “I would trade my bed for midnight chats on the beach any day.”

9. “You catch the other side of forty.”

ten. “Excuse me, where are their masks?” “

11. “How do I find this photo in my camera roll?” “

12. “We had no idea what we were going to do.”

13. “Now every day is a relaxed Friday. “

14. “Always grateful for the people and places I love.”

15. “Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?” “

16. “After quarantine, we’ll chase every stunt. Sorry, TLC.”

17. “I’m counting the days until I can kiss you like this.”

18. “Next quarantine hobby: make a scrapbook with these pictures. “

19. “Life before the photos were quarantined!” “

20. “We will be on top of the world again.”

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21. “I look forward to other camping trips.”

22. “Let us return to those memories for a hot minute. “

23. “These are the days that I dream of.”

24. “Nostalgia has never been so strong.”

25. “Good things happen. This is proof.”

26. “So many people have gathered in one place. Yuck.”

27. “Learn the lyrics now, put on a show later.”

28. “Beachin ‘never looked so good.”

29. “I’d rather travel the world with you.”

30. “Today, I enjoy long walks to the kitchen. “

31. “Somehow I’m going to recreate this moment in my backyard.”

32. “Back to the good times and the tan lines. “

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