30 Best Michigan Vacation Spots

(Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)

Spring and summer are on the way, which means vacation time. You don’t have to travel far to have an amazing vacation experience. In fact, chances are there’s a great getaway a few miles away. Here in Michigan, we have many exciting beach towns and great vacation destinations.

Many people from neighboring states and beyond actually come to Michigan for spring and summer vacations. I have a friend in Florida who rents a house up north for a week every summer. That said, why not take advantage of the beautiful land we have in Michigan and plan your spring getaway or summer vacation right here in Mitten? One of my favorite things to do every summer is a road trip to a new Michigan destination and experience that city’s unique culture.

Read on for a list I’ve put together of some of Michigan’s best vacation destinations. I’ve included 30 on this list, but of course there are many more. The #1 spot, in my opinion, is Mackinac Island. If you are a Michigander and have never been to Mackinac Island, you have some catching up to do. I remember going there as a kid with my parents and grandparents and finding Petoskey stones – or at least buying them from a local gift shop.

If you’re interested in a top 10 list, US World and News Report recently put together a list of the top 10 places to visit in Michigan, which you can find here. As a Michigan native, I endorse their list, but there are way more than 10 cities in Michigan that are top vacation destinations.

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