28 Instagram captions for Charleston and exploring the south with your best friends

When it comes to travel, almost everywhere is on your list. You have a note in your phone full of dream international destinations you want to discover. There are links to various accommodation options and excursions under each bullet point. Then there’s your list solely dedicated to spots in the United States, from cities like Los Angeles, California to Nashville, Tennessee. More recently, however, Charleston, South Carolina has been on your mind. Spring break is approaching, or your best friend’s bachelorette party. This would be the perfect place to go! Do yourself a favor and grab some Instagram captions for Charleston now, before you start exploring the South.

Full disclosure: I’ve never really explored the southern half of our country. As a child, I went to Walt Disney World in Florida and made a few stops in Charlotte, North Carolina. But it’s fundamentally the extent of my travel experience there. I know I miss plates of chicken and waffles, and some of the most dreamlike architecture in the world. I know there are lovely piers and streets lined with beautiful green trees and flowers that bloom in all colors of the rainbow.

Maybe it’s time to put something in the books, huh? That’s what you did, after all. You saw the words “spring break” marked in your calendar, or you realized that your best friend deserved such a cool and artistic bachelorette party from start to finish. So, you booked some plane tickets to Charleston, and now you’re almost on your way. All you need, other than a few disposable cameras and a bunch of cute outfits, are some of these 28 legends to explore this city. (Thank me with my own plane ticket, okay?)

1. “I followed my heart, and it led me to Charleston.”

2. “I really like this trip to Charleston.”

3. “When pastel is your vibe.”

4. “But first, chicken and waffles.”

5. “Find me with the flowers in Charleston.”

6. “Life needs more sweet tea and sunshine.”

7. “Dear, Charleston. You look beautiful today.”

8. “Start each day with a grateful heart and a good route.”

9. “If you need me, I’ll be under the palm trees.”

ten. “Collect moments, not things.”

11. “When the cutest house on the block matches your outfit.”

12. “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but a lot of it actually is.”

13. “The girls just want to have some sun.”

14. “I swapped my iced coffee for a cup of sweet tea.”

15. “This place is as sweet as a peach.”

16. “I could live in a beautiful place like this.”

17. “We go together like chicken and waffles.”

18. “When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea.”

19. “Falling in love with all that fun in the sun.”

20. “I have a crush on Charleston.”

21. “It’s a great day to explore the South.”

22. “Wanderlust and the dust of Southern cities.”

23. “Talk to the palm trees.”

24. “Walk often and eat waffles, always.”

25. “Let’s stay in South Carolina a little longer.

26. “Sweet dreams and sip tea.”

27. “Just fishing. How about you?”

28. “Spending a golden weekend in Charleston with my girls.”

Even if you explore this city on your own, you know it will be the best adventure. You’ll be sitting on the plane full of excitement and anticipation for the food, culture and people. When you first get there, you plan to find some pastel houses to do a photo shoot with and grab something to eat at one of the trendy restaurants you found online. Your best friends back home have also given you recommendations on where to go and what to see.

You’re seriously hoping you can fit it all in, and I’m pretty confident you can. Let’s be honest: you’re trying to go everywhere in the world. Start by exploring the South with your best friends, then we’ll see where your passport begs you to go.

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