28 captions for Christmas holiday photos and rockin ‘around the world

There is no right way to #vacation in the winter. Whether you’re heading to a tropical location with your partner, heading to a bustling city abroad, or traveling to the mountains with your best friends, you’re good to go. You’ll likely walk away with some new memories and selfies, and you’ll need a bunch of captions for the Christmas vacation photos.

You’ll want to share the spectacular views from your lounge chair on the beach or the fascinating European holiday markets on your feed. Like a true traveler, you’ll want to document every step of your journey – from the moment you arrive at the airport and take a seat near your departure gate, until the last morning you spend enjoying paradise.

The truth is, you might never have booked such an adventurous, travel-driven vacation while on vacation. Every year you can rush from store to store looking for the perfect gift for your parents, or spend your weekends watching Christmas movies and dreaming about places like London, Costa Rica, Barcelona. or Kennebunk, Maine.

This year, all of your dreams are coming true – and that means you’re getting ready to fill up your camera roll and jot down those captions for your next vacation photos. (The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing rocking you this winter.)


1. “Counting down the days until our next Christmas vacation.”

2.If you love me, you would cancel our plane tickets home so we could still be on Christmas vacation. “

3. “This is perhaps our greatest adventure yet.”

4. “I have never met a vacation that I did not like.”

5. “Walking in a not-so-wintry wonderland.”

6. “I dream of a Christmas full of desire to travel.”

seven. “Oh, ginger. Our flight is delayed and we have to stay longer.”

8. “It’s rude to leave Christmas holidays on hold.”

9. “I traded my resting Grinch face for a resting beach face.”

ten. “When traveling, don’t forget to sled together.”

11. “Hot chocolate and holiday ambiance only.”

12. “I feel like I’m getting closer to the North Pole.”

13. “Welcome home for the holidays.”

14. “Most people don’t like to travel on vacation. But I don’t follow most people.”

15. “The more passport stamps there are, the more the merrier.

16. “Can someone tell Santa to deliver my presents here?” “

17. “Let’s make travel our new vacation tradition.”

18. “Happiness is finding festive things around the world.”


19. “These are the winter days we live for.”

20. “Now that’s what I call ‘out of the office’.”

21. “All I want for Christmas is more plane tickets.”

22. “Spend the holidays in paradise.”

23. “The views were worth facing the crowds at the airport.”

24. “Seeing the world is the greatest gift of all.”

25. “It’s the end of our Christmas vacation.”

26. “Dear world. Christmas suits you so well.

27. “Christmas holiday mode: activated.”

28. “Hello from me and from my passport.”

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