25 Instagram captions for your first post-vaccine date

With increased vaccine availability and declining COVID-19 cases, it’s only a matter of time before appointment night is no longer considered a risk. And of course, there’s no better way to celebrate your first big post-vaccine night with your boo than with a cute IG. The best Instagram captions for your first post-vaccine date serve two purposes: They’ll put a smile on your followers, and they’ll (hopefully) encourage anyone who hasn’t signed up for their vaccine yet to do so.

Keep in mind that even if you are fully vaccinated, the CDC still recommends wearing masks and social distancing in public places, so it may be some time before things get “back to normal.” However, once you and your partner are completely relaxed, you can enjoy a private evening together indoors without masks or physical distancing, which is a big win. The risk of infection during indoor meals is also lower for fully vaccinated people, so you and your SO may even feel comfortable visiting a restaurant.

Whichever way you decide to spend your first date night fully vaxed, these IG captions are the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Go ahead and take that snapshot after the shot – you and your partner deserve to celebrate.

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1. Vaxxed, waxed and ready for the date night.

2. These are the smiles of two cuties immune to COVID having their first indoor dining experience in over a year.

3. It might just be my imagination, but I feel like we’re even sexier now that we’re immune to COVID.

4. We are the image of Modern love (a).

5. We call it the Pfizer smize.

6. This [your name] & [their name] date night was made possible by Johnson & Johnson.

7. Couples who are vaccinated together stay together.

8. Vaccinated and it feels good.

9. Kiss me, I’m vaccinated!

ten. Let us take this opportunity to celebrate our immunity.

11. Vaxxed is the new black.

12. Night rendezvous sponsored by modern science.

13. It’s time to drink some wine – we are fully vaccinated.

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14. Four doses of the vaccine and two weeks later we are a happy couple.

15. We feel very hot after the shot. #vaccinated

16. We had to relax a bit after the vax.

17. Celebrate our new antibodies with additional appetizers.

18. Four ouchies Fauci later, it’s date night.

19. Bye, date Zooms – we are immune to COVID.

20. Two fully vaccinated hotties walk into a bar.

21. COVID immunity gets better with a little black dress.

22. I comb my hair, check my nails. Baby, how are you feeling? Feeling vaxxed like hell.

23. Congratulations, baby! We’re about to let go of these masks and kiss each other whenever we want.

24. COVID vaccinations call for special occasions.

25. Fact: Date night is hotter when you’re immune to COVID.

Have a good first post-vaccine date night, folks!

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