2021 Talent Management Team of the Year: Venables Bell + Partners

As companies around the world adapted to remote working, Venables Bell + Partners underwent a massively successful restructuring. With a diverse team of employees, the agency today works on an agile model, attracting more business than ever.

Its hubs in San Francisco, Austin and New York are hybrid and work-friendly, with all employees receiving more than just financial support. VB+P provides extended maternity and paternity leave, vacations and support to all workers because it believes this is how top talent is tapped.

The agency’s parental leave program has been recognized as one of the best in the industry by Campaign US for two consecutive years. Coupled with its ongoing efforts to increase the diversity quotient of its leadership teams, this has brought the agency’s values ​​to the fore. Over the agency’s 20 years of existence, it has been driven by three core values: truth, fire and love.

By cultivating strong relationships and an inclusive culture, she secured 12 new clients last year. The team of people and experience is one of the main contributors to the growth of VB+P. Team Leader Mary Johnstone has spearheaded many of the agency’s greatest accomplishments and accolades during her nine years with VB+P.

It’s safe to say that human resources are an agency’s greatest asset, and VB+P has proven how success is a direct result of continuous feedback and recognition of performance effectiveness. The annual audits, bonuses and personal support that employees find also allow the agency to outperform its competitors year after year.

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